Our exchange is designed specifically for purchasing and selling precious metals in real time, it is designed to work with you to price precious metals in a decentralized world.


Current Physical Precious Coin/Bar Exchange

Simply put, there are none (not yet!). There is not one worldwide single way to price all precious metal coins/bars in real-time. Everything becomes a factor when you try i.e. the time it takes to sell and receive the precious metals, the costs, fees, borders, storage, insurance, fear of imitation coins and so on.

These factors continue to restrict and control precious metals from its true purpose – a worldwide use of value and a store of wealth. The current system of use continues to control and diminish the value of precious metals, limiting the sale and value of precious metals coins/bars to auction sites, classified sited and with coin dealers.

Airgead Coin will re-awaken the purpose of precious metal coins/bars and once again return the value of money back to the people themselves.

We eliminate all the factors that have held precious metals coins/bars back for so long and enable them to be used throughout the world once again.


CryptoCoin Exchange

All CryptoCoins are bought, sold and valued through an exchange which sets the price for crypto coins. An exchange is made up of both buyers and sellers, the exchange will match buyers and sellers when conditions of both the buyer and the seller are met. Limit orders can be set to buy at a certain price or sold at a certain price, this is basically how CryptoCoins are valued.



Airgead Exchange                                          

Airgead Coin Exchange works on the same premises as any CryptoCoin exchange; we match buyers and sellers of precious metal coins/bars once they are merged to an Airgead Coin.

Both our Airgead Coin and Airgead Exchange revolutionize precious metals as one decentralizes control and costs and the other finds a real time value for the precious metals coins/bars. Both complement each other by allowing a true value to be found without any of the old restrictions placed on precious metals.

How your Airgead Coin is looked at through our exchange:

  • Our exchange reads your Airgead Coin and categorizes each coin by category and then by section.
  • Each Precious metal, silver, gold, platinum and palladium will have their own categories.
  • Within each category, sections will separate one type of coin from another by content, size, year, quantity etc.
  • Once your Airgead Coin is read by our exchange it will be placed into the appropriate category and then section.

To sell your Airgead Coin you only need to login to our Airgead Exchange and authorize the sale of your Airgead Coin, or multiple Airgead Coins. Our exchange will automatically read your Airgead Coin and place it into the correct category and section showing what your Airgead Coin holds. A value will be set by supply and demand and you will have the options to sell into that price or set your own price.

The same will work if you are purchasing Airgead Coins, a price will be set and you will be free to buy into the price or set your own price and wait for it to be filled.

Once you have your Airgead Coin you are free to use these as a free transfer of wealth.

You will only be a cost if you use our exchange, otherwise the cost is 100% free.

Our system is designed to be simple, safe and secure for all of our users.

At all times you will see prices for all precious metals in real-time, allowing for real time values to be seen for all precious metals for the first time.


Initial Trading Within The Airgead Coin Exchange

Initial Airgead Coins will be merged with silver and gold coins/bars and will be traded under our exchange.

The sizes of precious metal coins that will be initially merged with Airgead Coins are as followed:





1 Gram


1/10 oz


1/4 oz

½ oz

½ oz

1 oz

1 oz

5 oz


10 oz


1 kg



All coins will be generic coins/bars and all will be pure silver/gold. Your Airgead Coin will be encrypted with the information indicating what precious metal your Airgead Coin is merged with.


Growing Our Exchange

Once Airgead Coin has grown from Silver and Gold coins/bars, we will begin to merge Airgead Coins with Platinum and Palladium coins/bars. When Platinum and Palladium coins/bars are linked to an Airgead Coin, our exchange will trade all 4 precious metal coins under one name, one coin.

With new systems and ideas, we will be careful to include more precious metals in the beginning as we cannot guarantee real-time prices for all coins at once, we will slowly build up the market in which Airgead Coin and our exchange become more widely used. Once this happens all precious metals throughout the world will have the freedom of being priced in real-time for the first time.


All Precious Metals Begin With Airgead Coin

When all 4 precious metals are trading under our exchange, we will begin to merge all precious metals under one CrytpoCoin. This will include all precious metals coins/bars that were ever produced.

This includes all coins with precious metal content in them; from junk precious metal coins/bars, generic coins and semi and numismatic coins/bars etc.

Our exchange will designate each precious metal coin/bar to their designated categories and sections to be priced and valued by supply and demand. This will allow for different values to be placed on each coin depending on real-time supply and demand.



Exchange For Other CryptoCoins

We at Airgead Coin believe in the value of other CryptoCoins and how they have opened the world to decentralized controls and costs. For this reason both Airgead Coins and other CryptoCoins will become exchangeable with one another within our exchange.

This provides both Airgead Coin holders and CryptoCoin holders with an opportunity to interchange their wealth as they see fit. With the level of fluctuations in the CryptoCoin market it is always wise to find a safe entry and exit strategy and to place your wealth in a more stable CryptoCoin over time, Airgead Coin will provide a more stable and in time become a more widely accepted form of payment than any other CryptoCoin.


Outside of Our Exchange

Airgead Coin is so much more than just a way to value all precious metals in real-time under our exchange. Its true potential is one where precious metals can become a unit of value to use against the purchase of goods and services once again.

When we can place a real-time value on any asset, we can use the value of that asset as an acceptable form of trade for any goods and services throughout the world.

When Airgead Coin becomes universally recognized and accepted, its true value will then become self-evident - no longer will precious metals coins/bars be valued against other currencies, it will be other currencies that base their value against precious metals.

This is the true potential of both Airgead Coin and our Exchange.



Airgead Coin and our Exchange opens the future of all assets and information to be merged to a single CryptoCoin and be priced under a single exchange.

This has so many possibilities that will become self-evident over time.

We provide the foundation of a worldwide system of decentralization that can free all assets from controls and manipulations leading to a true reflection of value for the first time.

We will begin with Precious metals coins/bars.



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