These are just a small number of changes that will free precious metals for the future:

  • Demand vs Supply of Physical Precious Metals.
  • Governments using Precious Metals.
  • States that are now looking to precious metals as a real money.
  • The beginning of single precious metals backed CryptoCoins .



Demand vs Supply of Physical Precious Metals:

  • Gold Demand in 2016 was over 137 million oz. – Supply was 104,040 million oz.
  • Silver Demand in 2016 1,027.8 million oz. – Supply was 885.8 million oz.
  • Platinum Demand 2016 8,331 thousand oz. – Supply 6,007 thousand oz.
  • Palladium Demand 2016 7,203 thousand oz. – Supply 6,009 thousand oz.

Updated figures will be uploaded for 2017 as soon as the figures are released.

You will see that for all 4 precious metals the difference in demand Vs supply is substantial for each metal. What is rarely known is that to make up the difference in supply they must rely heavily on recycling of precious metals, and precious metal reserves, in order to make up the shortfall.

It will get worse, demand will increase, supply will decrease and the system will rely more and more on recycling and inventories that are quickly drying up.



How Are Countries Looking At Precious Metals?

Today, more than ever, governments around the world are buying up as much physical silver and gold as possible - they know the current system is not working and are taking advantage of the low precious metal prices to buy up as much as possible. Even with all this buying most governments have such small quantities they could only cover a limited amount of expenses for a certain amount of time when needed.

Gold is still used widely between governments as a form of payment, when one government loses faith in another countries currency they demand something of value which is usually a countries real wealth (this is generally Gold and other assets). Of course this information is not widely known as it would create a flight towards any assets that provide safety.

In these times where governmental printed money is creating a tsunami of money, and debt, CryptoCoins are providing the perfect substitute for money; they provide a system that is free from borders and governmental control.

What if we could merge both the old ways of protecting yourself and your savings with the new ways, it could have the power to create a universal currency - one free from control and used freely throughout the world.



States are using Silver and Gold as real money

Just recently on the 22nd of May 2017 signed into law the use of Precious Metals as a legal Tender. This removes all Capital Gains and will treat Gold and Silver coins as Money. Your silver/gold coin is no longer seen as a Capital gain because it protects you from a system that only aims to destroy your purchasing power(The Paper Currency Market)

Currently 13 States have adopted gold and silver as legal tender or have pending legislation to adopt this measure.

It makes one wonder how other States and Countries can tax precious metals when these precious metals have always protected your wealth and will continue to do so.

These states are looking to once again use precious metals as a form of currency, in time more States and then Countries will follow but only if a vehicle of change is adopted.

Airgead Coin provides the vehicle for these changes.



Asset Backed Cryptocoin

We have seen a growth of precious metal backed CryptoCoins in recent times, all issuing a single CryptoCoin that can be merged with a gram or an ounce of Silver or Gold.

What could have been revolutionary is turning into something that lacks ideas and a real future. To get an overall position in precious metal you would have to own a large number of different CryptoCoins. They all promise real change and a future for precious metals but all they seem to do is charge you in every which way and give no clear future and provide no real change.

To truly free precious metals, we must merge all precious metals under one CryptoCoin, all of which trades under an exchange that provides prices in real-time for all precious metals. A CryptoCoin that removes all the archaic costs of holding, storing and transferring precious metals and provides a system that provides outlets to use their precious metals for use in their daily lives and for for goods and services.

Airgead Coin provides all this and more, we will provide the world with the first true universal CryptoCoin to merge assets within one coin.


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