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A Path To Making Precious Metals The Currency of The 21st Century


We are Airgead Coin, a universal precious metal backed CryptoCoin exclusively backed by all Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium coins/bars. 

We at Airgead Coin are going to introduce a brand new one name, one coin Open CryptoCoin, one that will allow us to embed encrypted information within any single CryptoCoin, this will enable any single CryptoCoin to merge with any asset and have that single CryptoCoin's value based on that asset.

With Airgead Coin we will base our entire CryptoCoin on all precious metal coins/bars.

By merging all precious metals coins/bars under one CryptoCoin we can finally free all precious metal coins/bars.

The surge in Cryptocurrencies has created a digital currency revolution, one where if something of value is decentralized, its value is once again derived by the people and not by governments, banks or corporations and becomes a currency backed by people.

By decentralizing all precious metals, it's value will once again be derived by the people and will become a currency freeing the value of all precious metals.

This new generation of CryptoCoin will provide the foundation that will one day restore the value in our money and will lead to a true universal precious metal currency that will link the world together.


Birth of a Real Currency

To take a local example, In Ireland circa 1928, we started to circulate our own currency. Our coins had intrinsic value in real silver, nickel and copper.  By backing our money with precious metals our currency became valued and in doing so it became trusted with one another and then with other countries.

Even the word “Airgead” in Irish translated means both money and silver.

Precious metal once provided the foundation of all real money, for a currency to have had value it was first seen to have real value backed by it. By basing a currency on precious metals it created trust and provided safety.

This trust seems to be lost today in all Governmental issued currencies.


Birth of a New Currency

In the 21st century a new class of currency now exists, a CryptoCoin whose value is derived from a decentralized controlled system where value is determined by "we" and not by governments or banks. It has given everyone a sense of control over how they value an asset. For the first time in a long time, we have been provided with a system that gives a sense of control back to people.

The only alternative are Government controlled currencies which are manipulated, misrepresented and perverted in some cases. Where once these currencies had real value is now replaced by the perceived value they now hold.

Airgead Coin will return the value and provide the foundation of a decentralized universal precious metal currency, where the value and function of real money will be returned to the people.



Airgead Coin Objectives

We have set out a number of objectives, while each on their own provides a brand new way to incorporate precious metal coins/bars into our lives, all of them combined will lead to a revolution that will return precious metals into real money once again and restore the value they once held.

  • Create the first open precious metal backed CryptoCoin in which all 4 precious metals will be merged to a single CryptoCoin.
  • Decentralize control placed on precious metals coins/bars once your precious metals are merged with Airgead Coins.
  • End the old archaic costs and restrictions that have destroyed precious metal value.
  • Provide a single exchange that would be able to value all precious metal coins/bars in real-time.
  • Create, for the first time, a single cost for everyone to purchase, sell and trade precious metals.
  • Provide the foundation for a precious metals backed currency.
  • Provide a number of outlets in which you can use precious metals to purchase goods, services and assets.
  • Provide a blueprint for the decentralized control over other assets and information.

With this new generation of CryptoCoins the market has the potential of going from a 300 billion dollar market to a multi trillion dollar market.


Why Airgead Coin Stands above everything done up until now

  • CryptoCoins share the same price structure, each have a value and are priced accordingly, you can get a fraction or a whole coin but it is still linked to the price of that one coin.
  • Instead of learning and adapting this, a large amount of single minded precious metal backed CryptoCoins are now using this same structure to merge a single precious metal coin to a single CryptoCoin and have a value based on that coin.
  • If we were to decentralize all precious metals in this way, the market would be flooded with too many precious metal asset backed CryptoCoins all with different costs and restrictions which only ads to the diminishing value of precious metals.
  • This seems to be happening at present, each using a system that is only designed for single assets and does nothing to free precious metals in anyway.

How Airgead Coin has learned from these mistakes:

  • What we provide is a one name, one coin system where every kind of precious metal coin/bar can be merged under one CryptoCoin.
  • By doing this we can begin to decentralize all precious metals of controls and costs, providing for the first time a real-time value for all precious metals that can be used throughout the world.
  • Our one name, one coin system allows you to value each single Airgead Coin based on the value of information that is merged with it; in this case the information will be ownership over a precious metal coin/bar.

Airgead Coin will not only create a new generation of CryptoCoins but will start it off by backing this first new generation of CryptoCoin with an asset that was once the real money of the world, precious metals. With the implementation of this new system, a brand new way to buy, sell and trade will become available for precious metal coins/bars.



Airgead Token



Why Airgead Coin Is Launching a Token Sale

We are inviting people to own part of the entire Airgead Coin system and enjoy all the benefits that come with owning our Token.

We are offering a number of Tokens for sale that will be used to develop our exchange, purchase the first amount of precious metals to merge into our Airgead Coin and to develop a number of websites and future ideas that will enable the use of precious metals as a medium of exchange used throughout the world and in time create a universal currency for the first time.

The name of our Token will simply be named Airgead


Benefits of Owning Airgead Token

While we have listed all the benefits of linking/merging your precious metals to an Airgead Coin, owning our Airgead Token rewards and benefits holders in brand new ways:

  • Depending on the token sale 20% to 80% of the entire Airgead Coin system, it’s holdings and all future projects will be owned by Airgead Token Holders.
  • We at Airgead Coin believe in the value precious metals, we will use 40% to 60% of profits generated every 3 months to purchase precious metals that will be owned by Airgead Coin.
  • As Token Holders, depending on the token sale, 20% to 50% of the precious metal purchased will be merged into Airgead Coins and then transferred to Airgead Token Holders; this will act as a dividend every 3 months.
  • Airgead Tokens will be available to trade through a CryptoCoin exchange within 2 to 4 months after the ICO closes.
  • A number of other rewards will be designed and given to Airgead Token Holders over time, we know who the true owners and will reward those who take part and own our Airgead Tokens.
  • As we grow, so will the value of your investment grow within Airgead Coin.


To Generate Your Own Open Asset/Information Backed CryptoCoin

To set up your own multi asset backed CryptoCoin that uses our code and system you will be required to own part of our Airgead Token. Our site will provide detailed description to make your own asset backed CryptoCoin within our Airgead Coin system.

We will open this new generation of CryptoCoins to the world, one where we will decentralize all assets and information to the world.

This is what makes owning Airgead Tokens so unique, you will have countless uses, opportunities and rewards while owning our Airgead Tokens.


Options of Token Holders Once They Receive Their Airgead Coins Dividends

Once your Airgead Coin are transferred into your Wallet you will have a number of options:

  1. Hold onto your Airgead Coin.
  2. Sell your Airgead Coin on our exchange.
  3. Take physical ownership of the precious metals.
  4. Use within a number of our websites or e-commerce sites to purchase goods and services.
  5. Exchange your Airgead Coins for other CryptoCoins that will trade under our exchange.
  6. Use your Airgead Coin to exchange for more Airgead Tokens increasing your ownership and your dividend every 3 months.


Breakdown of Precious Metal Purchases

Every 3 months we will use 40 to 60% of profits generated to purchase precious metals coins/bars. This will ensures that Airgead Token holders receive real wealth in the form of precious metals coins/bars.

This will benefit, and be shared equally between, Airgead Coin and Airgead Token holders.

  1. Airgead Token Holders will receive a dividend in the form of precious metals backed Airgead Coins every 3 months.
  2. Airgead Coin will itself have holdings in precious metals as a store of wealth.


We Take 2 examples below to show you how precious metals are purchased and in what quantities:

Example 1: A profit of 1 million dollars for 3 months will be used to purchase the following amount of precious metals.

Example 2: A profit of 10 million will multiply the purchases by a factor of 10.


Example 1 Example 2


As Airgead Coin profits increases so will the amount of precious metal coins/bars we will purchase and distribute.

Every 3 months, a Statement of Purchases will be issued by Airgead Coin to show the quantity of precious metal coins/bars that were purchased.

Disclaimer: Current quantities of precious metals that will be purchased are based on current prices. As precious metal prices change so too will the quantities change.


Amount Of Tokens Required To Sell

To generate our exchange and purchase the initial amount of precious metal coins/bars we will need a sell a minimum amount of Airgead Tokens. Depending on the Airgead Token sale, 20% to 80% of the entire Airgead Coin, code, websites, future innovations and holdings will be owned by the Token Holders.


Breakdown Of What The Tokens Will Be Used For

20% of Tokens sold will be needed to generate our Airgead Exchange and to purchase the first amount of Silver and Gold coins/bars that will merge with the first Airgead Coins.

30% of Tokens sold will allow us to advertise and expand our profile.

40% of Tokens sold will be used to develop a number of websites that will provide outlets for your Airgead Coins.

50% of Tokens sold and we can begin to implement future ideas and use precious metals as real money again.

If over 8 million tokens are sold, we will use the funds to expand our precious metals purchases and increase the initial amount of Airgead Coins. We will also be able to further our goals and start to put all of our future ideas into practice.

The minimum amount of Tokens that we need to sell is 2 million Airgead Tokens; if we cannot sell that amount we will not be able to generate this system.


Total Airgead Tokens For Sale

Total Airgead Tokens for sale will be fixed at 100 million. Our token sale will be limited to both Pre-Ico stage and the Ico stage.

Airgead Tokens that are not sold after these stages will be burned and the Token count will remain fixed.


Cost of Airgead Tokens

Conversion of Ethereum to Airgead Token

Week 1                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.00

Week 2                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.10

Week 3                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.15

Week 4                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.20

Week 5                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.25

Week 6                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.30

Week 7                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.35

Week 8                 1 Airgead Token (AED)     for        €1.40

We accept all CryptoCurrencies in exchange for our Airgead Tokens; please contact us to check for all conversion rates for Airgead Tokens.


Purchasing your Airgead Tokens

The investor will be able to send Ethereum, Bitcoin or other CryptoCurrencies to our Wallet. A corresponding amount of share Tokens will be credited to the investor’s account. Once we complete the Share Token Sale, the investor will receive his/her allocated Airgead Tokens at the rate of exchange prevailing when the orders were received. 

Please contact us to arrange your purchase.


Airgead Tokens Rewards

At Airgead Coin we are allocating 100,000 Airgead Tokens as rewards.

These will be shared out to those who publicize Airgead Coin and for affiliates who wish to sign up to our reward program.

These reward tokens will be shared out equally every week during the ICO stage.

Week 1                 12,500 Airgead Tokens                  

Week 2                 12,500 Airgead Tokens

Week 3                 12,500 Airgead Tokens

Week 4                 12,500 Airgead Tokens

Week 5                 12,500 Airgead Tokens

Week 6                 12,500 Airgead Tokens

Week 7                 12,500 Airgead Tokens

Week 8                 12,500 Airgead Tokens

These Airgead Tokens are set aside for those who wish to sign up to our rewards program only.

At no time will our team be entitled to these tokens. Our team will be required to purchase Airgead Tokens at the price applicable on the day.

Anyone can take part, please contact us if you wish to take part in this incentive scheme and we will provide you with the information you will need.





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